That’s the number of February Lady Sweaters on Ravelry!!!

This is not surprising, seeing that the inspiration for this pattern comes from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Sweater on Two Needles.  Despite the fact that the days are getting warmer and I should probably consider knitting a tank top or stick to sock knitting over the summer, I couldn’t resist the urge to knit this cardigan and so cast on for it a couple weeks ago. 

The going has been slow which seems to be a constant feature with all of my knitting projects.  I have come to accept the fact that I’m a really, really, really slow knitter. I’m also an easily distracted knitter (Ravelry, knit-blogs, online yarn stores…)


When I began knitting the yoke, I was not too happy with the color of the yarn and the fact that the garter stitch rows seemed never ending didn’t make things move any faster.  I finally got done with the yoke yesterday and have begun the lace portion of the body.  This is a pretty neat pattern – EZ definitely knew a thing or two or five thousand about knitting. 

The color…hmmm…it’s actually growing on me, so all is well in my FLS world.  If only I can knit faster, things would be perfect.


7 thoughts on “Yolking Around

  1. Pearlin

    I have wanted to try this pattern for so long!! But I am so scared to try it 🙂
    Yours is coming out very nicely.Nice shade of pink too.


  2. desiknitter

    Gorgeous photos! I love the colour of the sweater, but the photos really shine! I am so torn about this pattern. I think it will be really fun to do, but am not sure it will look good on my frame. I may succumb to the temptation and make one finally when it gets cooler, though.


  3. mamie

    i think the color will be amazing with your color, i can see it sitting so pretty on your shoulders. the yoke just about did me in, hang in there.

    and the socks are fab!


  4. Charmaine

    Things deffinitely start to move quicker when you get on to the lace part. On trick, of the body feels like it’s going too slow, work on one of the sleeves for a while to break thing up a bit.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this yarn in the flesh, it looks pretty. Make sure you bring it to Debbie’s on the 29th, where we will finally get to meet up. And now I found out that you are leaving 🙁


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