This is what I felt like after I was done with the back of my Candy Floss meet Isabella tank… 

Wanna know why???  The wheels of the bus go round and round just like the stockinette rows go back and forth. I was beginning to think that I would continue to be in stockinetteville for the rest of the year. 

But now, I’m done with the back (breaking out into the Hallelujah chorus), and so, I’m ze ‘appy campuer (sounding all french-like, throwing confetti around). 



No…wait…there’s more stockinette to be done right – I still have the whole front, gah!!!  Or maybe I can just wear it like this, you know, as an accessory!


The edges are curling like all get out, but nothing that some blocking won’t fix.  Now, onto the front, which promises some interesting bits…remember the neckline is from Isabella?? At least, in my head, but we’ll see how things work out when I get there – eventually.


Everybody sing along with me now…the wheels of the bus go…

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