Things have been quiet for a while on this here blog, but the knitting has been progressing steadily.  I have been knitting almost exclusively on the tank – meaning, I want to wear this, like, now!  The cotton yarn looks like a winner because it feels cool and drapey, even when I am knitting with it and I’m sure that it will feel lovely wearing it (fingers crossed)!


As I was knitting and tweaking the waist shaping decreases and increases, I was wondering what would look nice as a neck-line.  Since us knitters, we can make any neck line work right???  That being said, I really don’t have the time to sit down and work out pattern specs and so I was looking online for some neckline inspiration and then I looked, looked and stared some more – my tank was looking dangerously close to Isabella by Jordana Paige on one of my favourite websites.  Granted, my stitch count was different by a few stitches and I was doing my own thing where the lace pattern and colour changes were concerned, but the picot hem and construction of the tank, sorta similar???  And here I thought I was being all original and stuff!!! 


I was actually super happy, because I don’t have to worry about the neckline (insert happy dance here)  I think that the neckline lace bits look lovely and so I think that this Candy Floss Tank will be my own take on Isabella – thanks Jordanna for neckline inspiration.  I’m liking the picot stuff on the armholes to tie in with the picot hem and so I think that Candy Floss will meet Isabella and do a knitterly handshake…or will they click needles!! 


I’ve begun the armhole shaping and I can’t wait to complete the back and cast on for the front already!!!  Let’s see how things progress and if the zigging and the zagging of the lace panel doesn’t clash too much with the Fern/Leaf neckline pattern.  Stay tunedJ

4 thoughts on “Candy Floss meet Isabella

  1. Yasmin

    I love the look of it. See the colours are actually looking pretty good together. Looking forward to see the tank completed.And hopefully , you modelling your work ??


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