Nope…not me.  I always thought that knitting would do its cycle and then I would wake up one day and venture onto the next craft that makes me happy.  But I just can’t seem to be quittin’ knittin’.  Try saying that many times and get your tongue tied into all sorts of knots! 

And so…next on the needles is Wendy Bernard’s Something Red, only mine is “Something White” since I’m using some white Phildar Aviso I had in my stash.  It’s knit from the top down and went fairly quickly until the armholes, but now each row has a gazillion stitches and so it’s taking forrrrrrrrr……ever!!!  Here’s my progress so far.

  Something White

Then there’s the ever lovely CeCe that has been hibernating for a while.  I’m knitting this with Cascade 220 in a lovely green that I got from Three Bags Full.

Of course, summer is just around the corner and so I can’t knit much longer on these bulky knits, time to dig out the skinny cotton for a tank maybe???  I have varying shades of pinks in Phildar Licorne (yeah, more licorne!!!!!!!) and I’m thinking some sort of ripple stitch pattern for the tank maybe?  I should make a swatch and see how it works up….when I get some free time….free time, what’s that!!!!


One thought on “Quittin’ knittin’??

  1. Yasmin

    The title of this had me a little worried out there….ofcourse ,it doesn’t look like you are going to quit anytime soon :). You seem to be pretty good at it and enjoying it too.


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