I’m sure all of us remembers the story of The Princess and the Pea from when we were growing up.  I have to confess that I sulk when it comes to sleeping on a lumpy mattress, hotel mattresses that are too soft can feel lumpy sometimes! Vineet always laughs and says that I’m being such a diva, I just chalk it up to old age 😉

On our recent mama-son expedition to Granville Island, I came across a lovely little fabric store called The Cloth Shop.  The store is tucked into a corner of the island and filled to the brim with bolts of bright, fun prints and colors – totally my kinda scene!  Sometimes this sort of thing can be so difficult because making a choice becomes impossible. That’s when I saw this panel, it was the princess and the pea printed onto fabric*.

Princess Pea 1

The print had colorful mattresses piled high and a bright green pea at the bottom!  Of course, there was the princess and her impressive collection of crowns 🙂 The store had a sample of a little girl’s pillowcase using this fabric, cute!  I had other plans though.

My 6-year-old, Kiki, loves to read and so we’re at the library a couple times a week.  I knew that this panel would be perfect if I used it to make her a book bag.

Princess Pea 2

I used fusible interfacing to give the bag some structure which was a good thing especially for the front pocket. However, that meant that the pocket kept flopping open.  Out came the hammer. With a few good whacks to fix a pearl snap fastener into place, the bag was good to go.

Princess Pea 3

Oh yeah, I ran out of fabric for the handles.  I remember seeing a different type of handle somewhere on Pinterest (or Flickr?) long loop – short loop – loop them together and voila!

Princess Pea 4

We haven’t filled it here, but this bag is roomy enough to carry an armload of books!

Princess Pea 5

When she took her book bag to the library for the first time, even though she’s read the book before, she insisted on checking out The Princess and the Pea.  Quite appropriate!

Princess Pea 6

My favorite fairytale that I loved reading over and over was, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Do you have a favorite?

Princess Pea 7

* This print is from the Quiet Time collection by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller fabrics.

6 thoughts on “The Princess And The Pea

  1. Jocelyn

    Look at you with your sewing lingo – fusible interfacing! Hehe! I still have no idea how and why you should use it. The bag looks adorable. And I’m sure Kiki gets asked about it everytime she goes out with it.

    Well done, mom!


  2. Kelly

    Getting all fancy with your sewing skills 🙂
    I love the handle idea and all those fun bright colours.
    I do have one question though….. Kiki….. how are you wearing shorts????? It’s 1 degree here 🙁


  3. Swapna

    I don’t remember having a favourite fairy tale, but this is one of Chandra’s. Such a cute project (both that you “made”)!

    I hope my daughter becomes a reader too.


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