It must still be winter because I’m all about the knitting ūüôā Curled up in my knitting spot with soft¬†wool running through my fingers, looping the yarn round and round the needles, creating something squishy and warm. ¬†Most definitely a soothing and comforting pastime. When we had our big snowfall in December, I cast on and finished a hat in a few evenings! This one to be specific. ¬†The Barley hat by the lovely team at Tin Can Knits. ¬†It’s… Read more »

We’ve just had the hottest day of the year (so far) pass us by. ¬†However, today is murky and wet… April showers bring spring flowers and all that jazz, so I’m okay! ¬†That hot day just screamed road trip so we decided that it would be the best day to make the short drive south into Washington state and visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. ¬†Only thing is that every Pacific Northwesterner had the same idea as us, hah! ¬†We… Read more »

I could be knitting my fingers to the bone to get my Ravellenics project finished before the Olympic flame is extinguished on Sunday. ¬†However, it looks like I’m going to have to bow out gracefully before the finish line. First, I’ve got to get all of the straggly threads knotted and buried into these coasters before tonight so that they can be shipped out pronto. Sewing these together was quick, it’s the finishing that’s going to take longer. ¬†That said,… Read more »

My mom has this really lovely friend, Jane. ¬†She is always so well put together. ¬†Imagine a taller, Audrey Hepburn, that’s Jane. ¬†Although, she’s lived in Canada most of her adult life, she is still very British. ¬†That accent… love it!!! ¬†Her sense of humor is charmingly tongue-in-cheek too. ¬†An exceptional woman! Jane is a knitter. ¬†I found this out when she saw my son’s modified Rikke hat that I knit him a while ago and she could just “read… Read more »

I know, I know… hat-wearing days are almost zero now that it’s warming up, but I wanted to squeeze this post in because I really want to gush about this pattern. ¬†I picked up Jane Richmond’s book Island, at Knit City¬†and so far I’ve knit two patterns out of ¬†5 in the book! ¬†That’s saying a lot! ¬†I love Jane’s pattern writing style and her designs are 100% wearable. ¬†They don’t just get stashed in my shelf of handknits never… Read more »

We had an awesome time on our trip and we’re back home now. ¬†I packed a knitting project with me, nothing big just a hat, thinking that I’ll have time to finish it. ¬†Um… didn’t quite get around to pulling my knitting out of my suitcase! ¬†However, between the loads of laundry that I had to tackle yesterday, I managed to cast on for my Renfrew hat and I’m pleased to say that I’m close to the crown decreases. ¬†Yeah!!… Read more »

Windschief seems to be my go-to hat pattern for the guys in my life. ¬†The first one I knit was for the Mister using Dream in Color Classy in a classic grey. ¬†He’s worn that hat a TON and it still looks like it was knit yesterday. ¬†Top marks for this yarn! After knitting the Ranger sweater for Prithvi, I had a bit of yarn leftover. ¬†Although, he will never be caught wearing the matching sweater-hat combination, I knit him… Read more »

A quick drive-by post to point you in the direction of a lovely pattern that was recently published by my dear friend, Kelly. Test knitting is always fun!¬† It’s great to work alongside the designer as their pattern is tweaked and fine-tuned before making it ready for publishing.¬† When Kelly asked me to test knit her hat pattern, Stormont, I jumped at the opportunity. Stormont was a great pattern to knit. This pattern allowed me to indulge in the cable… Read more »

Fall is my favorite season.¬† This time of year is so fleeting yet so beautiful with the rich autumnal shades that surround us.¬† As temperatures dip, a cozy hat is perfect to keep the chilly winds at bay. Courtenay is a textured beret with a leaf motif that is perfect for fall.¬† I used a skein of SweetGeorgia Yarns for this pattern in the “Ginger” colorway and the color couldn’t be more perfectly autumnal!¬† This hat uses less than 150… Read more »

It has been a while since I knit anything for my son, Prithvi and when he mentioned¬†this fact¬†to me last week, I felt a humungoid pang of guilt!!¬† Determined to remedy this sad truth I cast on for a hat using¬†some 100% alpaca yarn from Aslan Trends.¬† If you’re looking for a soft yarn, this is definitely cloud-soft!! I knew that garter stitch would be ideal and so I went on a Ravelry hat hunt.¬† I came across a pattern… Read more »