I was asked by Yarn Canada to review some Red Heart Scrubby yarn they sent me.  I have to confess, I have never knit with Red Heart yarn before let alone, a yarn that looked ‘scratchy’.  But, I was ready for the challenge! As you can see, it says that this yarn is great for dishcloths, right on the ball band.  I wanted to test out that claim. I received three different colored balls of Scrubby and I could knit or crochet a… Read more »

Actually typing up a blog post as opposed to formulating a post in my head is always a good thing!  And, there’s no time like the present to hit publish, right? I’ve got a few small finishes that I haven’t yet shared on the blog so here’s my #LaterPost about these. Two of these FOs were made as Christmas presents so they have long since been gifted to the recipients and were received with delight! First up is this table runner made using mini squares… Read more »

A pair of Rainbow socks were one of the handmade gifts I made this Christmas.  A while ago, I bought a few skeins of Knit Picks Felici in all their cheery gorgeousness and instantly knew that my daughter would love a pair in the Rainbow colorway. She’s one of those souls who keeps up a constant stream of chatter, always flitting about on her toes doing twirls and giggling incessantly about everything.  She even giggles in her sleep and I definitely think she… Read more »

There is something so sweet about little baby things.  I’ve got a keepsake box for each of my children filled with stuff from when they were little.  A lock of hair, a tiny onesie, a baby blanket, a favorite outfit, a squeaky toy…  As a mother, these are treasured possessions that I will always hold close to my heart. My friend recently became a mom for the first time.  The arrival of her wee baby boy was celebrated with much anticipation and excitement. There… Read more »

When you’ve got to motivate your 6-year-old to make 22 valentines for her class and you don’t want to opt for the generic box of candy from the grocery store, where do you turn? Pinterest, of course. I came across this pin last week for non-candy valentines and jumped all over it.  I had the necessary supplies to pull this off :: construction paper, cute pencils, Exacto knife… check, check, check.  I even had said 6-year-old eager and willing to… Read more »

I received a custom request for a set of gift bags for Valentines Day.  These little bags were so much fun to put together.  Filled with little candy and treats for the fast-approaching ❤ Day, I’m sure these are going to be loved :: for the giving and the receiving. They can be re-used to store little treasures or filled with lavender to freshen up any space. I made the bags using linen (of course!) and pretty fabric for the trim…. Read more »

My mom has this really lovely friend, Jane.  She is always so well put together.  Imagine a taller, Audrey Hepburn, that’s Jane.  Although, she’s lived in Canada most of her adult life, she is still very British.  That accent… love it!!!  Her sense of humor is charmingly tongue-in-cheek too.  An exceptional woman! Jane is a knitter.  I found this out when she saw my son’s modified Rikke hat that I knit him a while ago and she could just “read… Read more »

My son, Prithvi, is a delightful, talented soul.  He is the quiet one in our family and has always been drawn to creating things with his hands.  I’ve saved pages and pages of his kiddie art which first began during his superhero fixation days… Batman, Superman, not forgetting good old Spidey!  His art has definitely matured over the years and I think he does some real good work now (even though I’m a biased Mama :)) A while ago, he… Read more »

I almost forgot to share finished pictures of this project.  I knit a little baby sweater for another soon-to-arrive bebe using the Baby Sophisticate pattern and Malabrigo (swoon!) yarn. My favorite part about this pattern was the little shawl collar, definitely the “Sophisticate” part of this sweater! I added the different colored buttons for a bit of whimsy and fun.  This pattern was such a quick knit and I’m definitely going to be knitting it again.  I went up a… Read more »

Isn’t this little sweater just adorable?  This pattern is from one of my favorite designers, Alana Dakos.  Hot off the needles is Wee Wildflower… I think it turned out super cute despite the fact that there is seaming involved (set-in sleeves anyone!)  If I had to knit this pattern again in a small size, I would definitely convert this to a seamless garment, especially the sleeves.  And even though the pockets are darling, I’d convert them to faux pockets because… Read more »